Our developers worked hard to translate animal anatomy into fundamental engineering principles that we could use. This has allowed us to accurately mimic joint motion, body movement, and walking gaits. During the design process, we tested many theories until we were happy with the look, feel and results. We have now settled on a simple, fun and modular system that even allows us to develop different kinds of animal  robots with very little structural changes.

"... a simple, functional and modular design..."

Currently, there are a number of educational robotics platforms on the market, from wheeled rovers to 2, 4 and 6 legged robots. Unfortunately, many of these platforms leave very little to the imagination as most look the same and there is little to do after they have been built. With our  platform your imagination is the only limit to how far you can go, and as we move forward with our roll-out, you'll be excited about the future.

Our goal while developing the AP concept, was to create a scalable robotics platform that can grow with the builder. This means that every aspect of the AP can be enhanced from the servos to the sensors, making this the ultimate build on platform. As we continue to develop the AP concept, we will provide more information on the engineering and design so that users can further develop our platform to enhance and improve it.

An Animech is animal inspired robot designed to inspire, educate and entertain people of all ages. Animech's are designed to replicate different animals and their anatomy. Our goal is to design a robot that people could take one look at, and easily determine which animal it was and be compelled power it up. We believe this sets our platform apart from everyone else in the market of consumer robotics kits.